a bit late today ..

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13:22 sell AUDJPY (before vwap cross)

14:34 AUDJPY getting really close to the Stop while AUD holds vwap
scaling in on AUD by selling AUDUSD

14:51 closing everything. AUDJPY is still valid on the 4 Hour Timeframe,
but i do not want the London session volatility to get me stop out after all

15:35 Buy AUDJPY

15:54 Buy GBPUSD

16:15 Stopout GBPUSD

16:22 moving stops closer to the previous low on AUDJPY

16:49 reversing AUDJPY

16:54 close AUDJPY as AUD hots structural bottom
likely to hit at least S1 later, but my mind is in a bad place,
so ill take a quick break

17:14 of course, just as expected, straight to the target 🙂

18:33 quick scalp on EURJPY

18:34 last scale on AUDJPY

18:38 manually closing EURJPY
EUR is still below, this may just be a reaction.

Strangely, the US Numbers had like no impact on the US Dollar.
guess everyone is waiting for the opening …

21:14 closing AUDJPY (still think it’s gonna go down, but i won’t hold it any longer.


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