1414 | +0.109% | GBPJPY

Late (again)

You can Profit from this activity, 75% Profit-split & Drawdown protection!

13:46 Sell GBPJPY

13:59 let’s hope UK Retail Sales not messing with this position,
moving stop 6 pips higher.

14:02 scale in on vWap

16:01 starting to buy into the sells as a lot of momentum comes in.
however, the highest level is just another 20 pips higher,
this could lead to a double loss.

16:18 Stopout GBPJPY Sells

16:32 TP hit (second stop level)

16:33 re-enter short positions on GBPJPY (very small size)

17:54 close GBPJPY on vwap

17:57 Close GBPJPY Buys (switch to sell)

19:09 stopout GBPJPY

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