1415 | +0.17% | GBPJPY GBPUSD AUDJPY

First day in weeks when i woke up without an alarm to a somewhat “reasonable” time….

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12:08 Sell GBPUSD
placing additional Sell Limits higher for vwap retests

12:31 Sell GPBJPY (very small size, will scale in on vwap)

12:51 quick vwap scalp on AUDJPY

13:55 close GBPUSD on first target

16:57 placing Sell Limits on GBPUSD

18:03 Stop out AUDJPY

18:36 partially stop out GBPJPY
this may was not such a smart stop level as GBP just hitting the vwap,
scaling back in and add to GBPUSD sells

19:12 scale out 50% on “sortof” support

19:18 close GBPUSD completely as it pulls back too strongly

20:54 scaling in heavy on the vwap to get rid of the JPY positions

21:02 closing everything

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