1447 | +0.225% | EURUSD USDJPY NASDAQ

Let’s do it.

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11:08 Buy EURUSD
this may be not such a good idea,
also the stop is pretty far away (small R)

12:28 looks like i do not geet a chance to scale in

12:59 Sell USDJPY

13:26 moving stops on USDJPY and EURUSD

13:34 scale in on EURUSD (vwap retest)

14:03 stopout USDJPY

14:07 Buy NASDAQ

14:24 moving stops again closer to entries
as vwap is seems to hold on EUR
and the other indicies continue to go down.

15:11 close EURUSD manually on minor resistance

16:42 closing NASDAQ Manually

16:49 changed my mind,
re-enter NASDAQ Buy with hard stop this time

17:35 closing NASDAQ Scalp

the original target of 11147 is still on the table,
i’ll let someone else get rich on that one, calling it a day.

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