Stupid Trading today.

Profit from this activity, 75% Protected profit split!

12:52 did some stupid Trading on GBPUSD off stream (not to be repeated)

allowing a 0.73% drawdown! which is unacceptable.
With the state of mind already in revenge mode, so i will skip streaming today, as this will sure just lead to more losses.

could not help myself and “tried” to get the money back, which i did, but this is a really bad way of trading!!

12:39 – 13:15 AUDUSD Buy Failed

13:27 – 14:07 EURJPY short failed

14:45 sell DAX on vwap

15:16 hedge DAX
(it’s still a sell but all the other indicies having strong bullsih momentum)

15:26 stopout DAX Hedge (nasdaq and Dow at the vwap, scaling in to sells)

16:45 closing everything

17:52 made a test trade on CAC to reverse engineer some issues with Duplikum support
it was almost at vwap, so i just added some meaningful size to make it worth while


No Stream, sorry

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