1451 | -1.133% | AUDUSD GBPJPY

Let’s do it.

Profit from this activity, 75% Protected profit split!

11:39 Buy AUDUSD on vwap

11:54 Sell GBPJPY on vwap

11:57 stopout AUDUSD

13:45 stopout GBPJPY, starting to buy

14:27 starting to hedge GBPJPY buys

15:27 GBPJPY went straight up,
missed TP by just 0.6 pips while i was away

15:44 looks kind of Bearish now …
exept on H4 where is “seems” previous support is holding

but while writing this GBP is still going down,
making this more a short,
we need some momentum from the indicies to get this back up.

15:48 based on M15, it looks like i missed the exit for Buy Positions.

15:28 placing hedge Sells near the previous low as GBP is still going down.

16:32 small scale in on vWap,
will close once GBP hit’s the vwap or at 157.315

16:54 almost breakeven, as GBP just hit’s the Pivot,
i may better close the trade alltogether and take a small loss

17:22 barely breakeven as CAD hit’s the vwap,
i hope this reaction doesn’t causee too much of a pullback

17:56 CAD is still at vwap, but now the DAX is approaching vwap as well, this may add to the trouble on getting GBP higher.

18:03 moving hedge sell orders 18 pips higher

19:19 fully hedging with 14 pips

19:45 close Buy’s with sell targets at 156.181

20:35 manually closing everything, the position is too big to sustain a swing up, taking a massive overall loss
it’s likely going back down as we are just at the vwap, but i have to protect the equity first!

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