1452 | +0.069% | EURJPY DAX EURUSD

Slow day, as yesterday was BAD!

Profit from this activity, 75% Protected profit split!

14:12 Buy EURJPY as it approaches the vwap

15:04 few scale ins (small size) on opening volatility

15:21 quick scalp on the DAX

15:29 stopout DAX

15:35 starting to buy EURUSD

16:37 quick short scalp on the DAX

16:40 starting to reverse EURJPY to Sell

16:44 close EURJPY Buy on vwap

16:45 enable TSL for EURUSD

16:58 stopout EURUSD

17:10 manually closing EURJPY Sells

this is clearly not working out!
canceling all plans and limit orders

17:26 enable TSL on DAX

18:12 Trailing stop closed DAX in small profit
calling it a day

18:33 some random scalping the DAX to get some of the losses back.

20:19 more DAX scalping getting it back in the green

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