Let’s do it.

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14:27 Sell EURJPY

14:36 scale in on EURJPY
move stop 19 pips lower

14:54 closeing EURJPY manually

this was maybe premature
as we are 3 minutes before london opening

i have to do some fixing on my computer,
as it does strangely messing with trendlines again

15:17 Sell AUDJPY on vwap
there is H4 support very close by, so this will be a quick one

17:13 The EUR gaining momentum, placing some sell limits around vwap
and move the stop Lower on AUDJPY

18:29 quick scalp on DAX

18:33 AUDJPY broke vwap scaling in small.

18:47 quick death on a GBPUSD scalp
was barely able to set the SL properly

18:55 USD starts to move downwards, this will make it even harder for AUDJPY to move down,
enable TSL on AUDJPY

19:04 adding Buy to AUDJPY,
but still more on the short side,
as AUD still kind of going down and the indicies are also more red than green

19:24 Stopout AUDJPY Buys
oooh shit, right before NY open, that was probably a bad idea!
moving stop above the high (that likely going to get me stoped out just by the volatility)

20:31 stopout AUDJPY on US News

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