1466 | +0.101% | EURUSD AUDUSD EURJPY

Let’s do it.

Profit from this activity, 75% Protected profit split!

12:39 Buy EURUSD

13:24 EUR poking vwap quite steady,
not so sure this is working out as CAD is going straight up as well
meanwhile GBPJPY presenting a Sell setup (while Cable is still above vwap)
difficult times seem to continue

13:47 my internet connection keeps disconnecting ….
will restart livestream later or just make some sort of recap with the recording

14:17 looks like vwap is holding, moving Stops below the opening price (gap)

14:51 stopout EURUSD

14:54 reversing on AUD (it’s right at vwap and presents a nice entry)
probably a bad idea as London comes in in 6 minutes

15:43 move stop lower and enable TSL

16:29 closing AUDUSD prior to news

18:27 Sell EURJPY

20:17 Sell DAX (as scalp)

20:21 Stopout EURJPY

20:33 close DAX on target

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