1472 | +0.029% | NASDAQ AUDJPY DAX

Let’s do it.

Profit from this activity, 75% Protected profit split!

11:00 starting small with Selling AUDJPY and NASDAQ

AUD is looking to go up, this does dent the conviction level a little bit.
i may just close both of them much earlier as planned.

11:26 closing everything

11:33 placing sell limits near intraday resistance on AUDJPY

11:51 counter sell AUDJPY on intraday resistance with tight stop

12:22 scale in on sells at the vwap,
(most of the limit orders higher up were not filled)

13:24 tried a scalp on USDCAD

13:40 missed the exit (which would had put me back into profit)
closing everything as AUDJPY crossing vwap

13:43 giving USDCAD another try as its crosses vwap again
(could be just noise)

14:21 internet disconnected, contiinue of the livestream here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GdH46NPtu0

15:00 stopout USDCAD

15:06 opening scalp on the DAX (Last Trade)

15:58 closing DAX manually
targets were: 15465 and 15474

Placing Buy Limit on DAX near vwap for a breakeven run

17:22 some random scalping on the DAX

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