1491 | +0.141% | AUDJPY GBPUSD

Let’s do it.

Profit from this activity, 75% Protected profit split!

6:33 sell limit on AUDJPY vwap

6:45 limit ordrs filled
but this may fail as AUD is going up

7:43 kind of lost faith,
seriously considering a counter-buy

pretty much 50:50 from here

8:14 looks like vwap is holding on AUD

i should exit here …

8:19 going to exit once AUD hit’s support
or at 91.452

8:21 CAD and GBP just hitting vwap,
everything is pretty much random

8:41 closing AUDJPY at previus low

I’m pretty sure the target (91.428/91.135) will be hit,
but there is another support on AUD
plus i kinda lost conviction.

9:10 TP1 Hit (without me)

9:24 sell GBPUSD on vWap

9:32 replace stops with Hedges

10:34 Scale in on GBPUSD
move hedge to 1.24705

11:01 close GBPUSD on support


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