1493 | +0.14% | EURJPY EURUSD

Let’s do it.

Profit from this activity, 75% Protected profit split!

12:37 Buy EURJPY on vwap

12:42 scaling on support

12:49 hedging EURJPY
this was probably too early

12:57 scale in on hedges near vwapp

13:44 closing EURJPY near the Pivot
since i’m pretty much clueless.

a possible target would be 149.671

13:59 buy EURUSD on vwap

14:20 CAD going straight up (will exit EUR)

14:56 messed it up again,
double loss coming up… (i’m pretty sure london going to push it down)

15:11 closing everything

mindset is n good, made profit, but that was no skill but pure luck!

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