1497 | +0.147% | EURJPY AUDUSD

Let’s do it.

Profit from this activity, 75% Protected profit split!

6:59 Quick premarket scalp on EURJPY

7:48 close EURJPY on TP1 (TP2 at 150.195)

11:18 Sell EURJPY on vwap

13:03 stopout EURJPY

19:22 place sell limit on EURJPY (150.181)

19:57 quick scalp on AUDUSD

19:29 limit on EURJPY filled.

19:33 stopout AUDUSD

21:21 moving stop on EURJPY

1:55 closing everything i’ts almost 2am already

got the computer back up running (new SSD)
but for some reason none of the settings are being saved (feels like read only Filesystem)
still trying to figure this out since this makes trading extremly difficult.

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