SwingFish Summary Week 11

  • SwingFish: Commissions Rebates paid to Members (30 days) 79,552 S$
  • SwingFish: 2,317 Members (+41)
  • EnFoid: Weekly Dividend for EnFoid Lenders: 0.062%
  • EnFoid: Maximum transferable this week 3,255,700 S$

This week:

  • Daytrades had a VERY Impressive week
    however, most of the gains made on a relatively small balance,
    since we were still in the process of moving funds to the new EURO Account.
  • Axiory Broker has been removed since they do not accept clients from basically anywhere on this planet
    (not so sure what the business model is)

Coming week:

  • focus more on Hedging features for the Stream Deck integration
    so this can be executed just like SwingFish-Helper does, but manually by the press of a button.
  • finalizing IB Stuff with IG and Oanda (still lacking behind on our side about that)
  • still in the process of we adding accounts with 2 new Financial Partners to make transfers faster and more easy

1000 (Tradingroom/Live)

  • Weekly Gain +23.07% (124 Trades)
  • No Trades Open
  • last 30 Trading days: Gain 251.58% (3 Losing days)

Chatroom Analysis (SwingFish Signals)

  • Weekly Gain +0.9%
  • Weekend equity: 97.22% (9 Positions, 2 Orders)
  • Quarterly Gain +58.55%

Total Capital Gain: 2.29%
(Absolute Capital gain/loss based on total balances spanning all Strategies and Projects)