SwingFish HelpercTrader1.61

SwingFih Helper is a cTrader algo, that helps you protect yourself from drawdown by hedging positions and sets of positions.

once the Drawdown set is reched for a single Symbol, SwingFish Helper will buy the same size in the oposite direction in order to protect You.

    additinal features:
  • auto-Hedge all positions combined of a single symbol.
  • Close ALL Trades based on a given financial target. [TP Equity / TP Profit]
  • Close ALL Trades based on a given Time of the day. [Close Hour/Close Minute]
  • Auto-close all positions once a global Loss has been reached. [Margin Call]
  • Realtime Display of current Profit/loss in Percentages. for (Equity/Account Balance/Relative Capital

Changelog & Documentation

SwingFish Helper (GlobalTP+)

closes all position once a target is reached!

TP Part closes ALL Trades and Deletes All Orders once the equity or relative Profit is reached

TP Active:		ON/OFF Switch for Take Profit Functions
			TP Active does NOT Deactivate Margin Call or Hedge Settings !!
TP Profit:		Amount all trades combined have to be in profit to close all trades (if this is set, the TP Equity value will be ignored)
TP Equity:		Equity to reach to terminate all trades and delete all orders
Margin Call:		Equity to close all orders (must be smaller than balance)

Hedge places Hedge Orders to Protect Account
Hedge Max Loss (%):	once all positions in the same Product have a combined loss of XX percent based on the account balance .. hedges will be placed
			WARNING: opening new positions afer the Hedge Loss value is smaller than the loss.. the Algo will Immidealty place another hedge to cover !!
Hedge All:		if Active, ALL Products will be hedged / if Inactive only the Current Product will be hedged

SwingFish Helper by Mario Hennenberger

terminates ALL open Positions and delete ALL Pending Orders if Net Profit or Equity Target is reached
Auto Hedges Positions based on first position distance and/or overall Position Loss

    - Calculate profit/loss based on capital value (for multi account application)
    - some times auto hedging happens always regardless of the equity  /// this is maybe fixed already with the double call removed

    Creative Common "CC BY" - you are REQUIRED to mention me or swingfish.trade if you re-publish this.

    - Mario Hennenberger  https://swongfish.trade
    - tmc.  https://ctdn.com/users/profile/tmc.

get Updates:
    - https://ctdn.com/algos/cbots/show/1664 (no more updates here, sorry)
    - https://swingfish.trade/swingfish-helper

    - ssl fix
    - Remove TP & SL if Hedge active

    - color changes based on Daystart and equity/balance

    - add Version check (online, still in beta)
    - use default cTrader folder for sounds (swingfish-helper-hedge)
    - add Notification sound (hardcoded path for now)
    - TP System OFF by default
    - hedge active by default
    - 2 digit target
    - remove (hedge globally setting (always hedging globally)
    - add Capital Field for GLobals Profit/loss calculatios
    - display cents (*10)
    - stop not "stop" the bot but disables tp feature
    - added daytrader balance
    - remove Hedge Distance (pointless)
    - remove Dummy variables for time (all in secounds now)
    - show hours if more then 3600 sec to wait
    - fix Spacin in display text
    - time stops based on timezone
    - remove double check in batch
    - protection fix
    - remove duplicated outputs
    - in Protect Profit mode .. always use timer mode (fast)
    - re-enable time stops with proper date functions
    - negative stop (equity stop if over equity already) (1.51)
    - disable cash target - if TP is set .. it will be converted to Equity target
    - 2 line status 1 TP 1 Hedge
    - show minutes to Close if more than 120 secounds till close
    - scalp switch (use 100ms timer)
    - kill after Execute Switch
    - Global Chartobjects
    - bug fixed if 0 pip position hedge is selected only
    - 3 digit Equity calculation
    - use percentage instead of absolute hedge value (Hedge Loss / Hedge Max Loss)
    - comment if only hedge
    - replace Hedge Global with Hedge ALL
    - export Hedge and GlobalTP to functions
    - fix global position hedge
    - include hedge bot (1.01)
    - starting version 0.3 name is changed to "SwingFish Helper" (previous "GlobalTP+", last version 0.23.2)
    - async close for faster execution
    - use 100 ms Timer to make it more responsive
    - remove cents display
    - better text and display equity percentage
    - reset equity OnTick
    - bug in calculating the total equity
    - use net instead of Gross
    - convert api names to new version