Money the Commodity of Traders!

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we believe that a successful Trader has no need to take money from a Beginner or someone wants to get a better edge, as a result, all Services, Tools and advice is offered Free of Charge to SwingFish Members (Non-Profit), SwingFish partners only with other Companies if they can directly and positively effect our Members and the SwingFish goal of Providing an edge for free or a mutual benefit.

SwingFish Rebate

SwingFish Trader Rebate

Cash-back on your Trades

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  • Discounts paid back to you
  • Per Lot ~ 2$
  • Spread ~ 0.3 - 0.5 pips
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Funded Trading Account

Trade our Money

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  • Straight forward Profit-Share
  • 5 Million USD Buying Power
  • get 50% of your Profits
Payable this week! via EnFoid Lenders

EnFoid Lenders

Lending Based with Guaranteed Gains

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  • No Minimum required
  • Interest 9.55% p.a. (Guaranteed)
  • Dividends up to 0.35% weekly
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Partner with us

Help spread the word, we pay 1% deposit and 6% Profit commissions, forever.

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all SwingFish Services are offered free of charge, (our currency is collaboration, not money), if you however feel to support us with Money anyway, EnFoid holds a Lender account owned by the SwingFish Project, all IB overheads and Donations are placed there, to pay server bills, Development and Outsourced works.