Prop Trader Risk Indicator

for MT4 > 608 App Version 0.98.3

Prop Trader Risk Indicator is a very simple Metatrader 4 Indicator,
designed to calculate and display the "next risk" in account currency.
in combination with the EarnForex Position sizer, makes this a safe way to never fail a challenge, and ensure long term trading without ever losing a challenge or live account.

display realtime Risk to be applied on the next position.

Min Equity and base balance used to calculate. in combination with risk parameters for both profits and base equity.
Swingfish Prop Risk Values Usage details

Settings & usage Description

  • AccBaseBalance
    Account size (used as base balance).
  • AccBaseLimit
    Minimum Equity (below usually leads to failure)
  • RiskSplit
    risk of Base Equity in Percentage (% of rest equity)
    10% is recommended
  • RiskProfits
    risk of Profits in Percentage (% of generated profits to risk).
    10-20% is recommended, (100% will add ALL profits to the risk)
    if the account is in a loss, this setting will be ignored

use example:
FTMO Challenge	100k
AccBaseBalance:	100000
AccBaseLimit:	90000
RiskSplit:	10
RiskProfits:	30

MFF Accelerated	25k
AccBaseBalance:	25000
AccBaseLimit:	23750
RiskSplit:	10
RiskProfits:	10

SwingFish Prop Risk Calculator Settings Screenshoot

Settings allow the location to be set on the Chart, equity, balance and risk percentages

Detailed Change log

SwingFish Prop Risk Indicator

displays realtime Risk for the next position based on Drawdown Limits for Prop accounts.

- remove nonsense and rename Fields

Known Bugs
- when indicator is loaded during startup of MT4 it doesn't initialize properly
  Workaround: change the symbol or re-load the template 
- Indices have wrong calculations (about 10x)

Change log:
- fix item reset
- added colors to indicate different risk status
- added Risk-reward to show when position in profit
- removed Currency Symbol for display
- removed "hide all" (just unload the indicator instead)
- remove "Hide_all" setting
- add active Risk/reward ratio (RR)
- replace "P/L" with "Open Risk" (shows the current exposure from open positions)
- variable Fix under OSX
- Next-Risk re-adjusts to open positions
- cleanup math (clean split between in-profit and base values)
- "Next Risk" includes now active positions (does not work on OSX)
- general cleanup
- add Percentage display for better Visualisation
- change "Profit" to "P/L"
- add add separate risk for profits and base equity
- rename to Prop Risk Calculator
- added position settings for individual outputs
- Minimum Equity as parameter