[Video] Cheap Money, credit, GREED, a fatal combination – DW Documentary about cheap money.

[Video] Cheap Money, credit, GREED, a fatal combination – DW Documentary about cheap money.

June 22, 2018 04:36   SwingFish   Traders Library  

a DW Documentary about cheap money, credits and it’s future

not directly trading related, showing “how the Rich get richer” and the ECB just copies where the FED failing since 40 Years.


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trade the future, not the past

trade the future, not the past

February 13, 2018 21:31   SwingFish   Traders Library Philosophy  

ever come across a chart like the one of USDJPY from today? [live stream from this day | Trade Log Here]

and your trades in this were only part of it or none at all?
(below the image shows the trades I have made myself on this move)

were you thinking like:

  • WOW 132 Pips (1320 points)
  • that would have been so much money i could have made
  • such an easy trade, but why didn’t I take it?
  • if i just held on longer that would be such a large gain

well bottom line is “YOU DIDN’T!!and that is not a bad thing!


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Trading is NOT “free Money”
Trading is NOT “free Money”

Trading is NOT “free Money”

September 15, 2017 00:36   SwingFish   Traders Library Philosophy  

Trading the markets is easy/free money? maybe it is easy .. but it is certainly not free!

If you close a winning trade, someone else have to pay for it.

“someone” is NOT your Broker!

just like with everything else in this world, there is no difference in Trading.

if you work a 9-5, your employer pays you, the money will come out of his account and go into your account.

in other words, your employer will have a “loss” and you will have a “win”.
but instead of a “loss”, for your employer, this is just the “cost of doing business”

in Trading, however, you do not have an employer but a Broker.
the Broker provides you (among other things) the service of finding someone that will lift your offers.

some other trader will have a losing position to close, and the money of the one loss will go to your account.

if you pay for someone else’s winning trade, this is just the cost of being in the Trading business.
this can not be avoided by anyone, anywhere, EVER!

  • at some stage you will have to pay someone else’s win,
    your mission is to make sure it’s not too expensive.
  • if there is nobody buying at the price where you selling,
    your Order will be filled/executed at a later price that is called “slippage”
    (as stated before, the Broker will not lift your offer and pay your winnings, the market will)

Broker Related example

Let’s imagine you “trade” Fruits on the local Market, but you are not a Farmer, meaning you buy the Fruits from a Farmer in order to re-sell it. that will make you a Broker and in the case of the local market, you will be a Market maker too since there is no Zentralized exchange that tells us the current price of yours Fruits.

your objective is NOT to get rich quick by selling your fruits at the highest price as fast as possible.

your objective is to minimize the risk and try to sell ALL your fruits by the end of the day, as they will go bad overnight and you will have to throw them away.

throwing them away is just the same as closing a losing trade.

selling Fruits or trade the markets, at some stage there will be a leftover which you paid for already by purchasing it. and you have to throw them out (realize a loss) just as in the FInancial markets, there is no way to predict how many customers will buy your stuff at the current day.

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1000 Pip “guru’s”

1000 Pip “guru’s”

September 14, 2017 11:36   SwingFish   Traders Library Philosophy  

ever came across somethings like this ?
21576554_123665745026917_6763969940920729600_n 20759123_253799318461997_8276753264767139840_n

there is a very simple action you can (and should) take,
if you do see ads like this: STAY AWAY !!!


And here is Why


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Philosophy of Success

Philosophy of Success

September 8, 2017 13:11   AoFX   Traders Library Philosophy  

Did you know that Lion does not succeed in hunting except in a quarter of his attempts, that is, he fails in 75% of his attempts and succeeds in only 25% of them?

Despite this small proportion of which most of the predators participate, it is impossible for Lion to despair of attempts to hunt and hunt.

The main reason for this is not hunger, as some might think, but the assimilation of the animals into the law of “wasted efforts”, the law in which all nature works

  • Half of Fish eggs are eaten.
  • Half of Bears die before puberty
  • The rain of the world is falling in the ocean
  • most of the seeds of trees are eaten by birds

Only human beings reject this natural law And the success is not to have a life biography free of pitfalls and hiccups … but the success is to walk over your mistakes And go beyond every stage where your efforts wasted and look forward to the next stage .. If there was a word summarizing this world will be simply: (continue)

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