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a few words about SwingFish

SwingFish started out with the idea to create a community for traders,
a place where the reality that trading is sort of a lonely profession is countered by bringing traders together, to exchange ideas, take on beginners and grow together.

However, because most places doing this sort of thing have a hidden agenda, we do this differently, and so from day one all services provided will be free or with a win-win offer. There are also no membership fees, or any other cost involved being a member of the SwingFish community, and never will be!

This has become our rule if engagement, members not following this rule are not welcome!

SwingFish is solely based on Mario Hennenberger's idea to create a better place to trade.

until March 2021, SwingFish was exclusively sponsored EnFoid Pte. Ltd.

EnFoid did offer a lenders service, operate partnerships with brokers and forwarded discounts directly back to SwingFish members, to eliminate the "conflict of interest" other communities may have.

All of these products are solely made so the SwingFish members have a real gain in being part of this community, instead of being fed misinformation for profit.

Personal FAQ about Mario (user SwingFish)

Mario Hennenberger (the "Owner" of the SwingFish Discord, Website and most of the stuff that's provided there)
First trades back in '97, but that doesn't really count as experience, as back then, Trading was completely different.
began a more serious approach on trading and the Financial industry about 23 years ago, moved on to Full-time about 13 years ago.
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