SwingFish Intra [vWap & Tools]

for cTrader > 2.0 App Version 2.33

SwingFish Intra is a Intraday/Day-trader/Scalper Suite that provides all in one Indicator.


vWap more details about vWap @investopia

Deviation Indicator

Standard Deviation calculated based on vWap Pricing

Profit & Loss Display Volume Direction

calculated the realtime volume direction based on tick and/or Real Volume

Average Price

Calculates the average position price and displays it as a line

Position Size Indicator

Symbol Label

Settings & usage Description

  • Show Symbol
    Shows the current Symbol on the Chart.
  • Show Direction
    Shows "buying", "Selling", "Hedging"
  • Show vWap
    Shows last 20 vWap Prices
  • Show wVap History
    Shows a complete Histogram

SwingFish Intra vWap Indicator Settings

in order to Play Sounds, write logs and check for updates, SwingFish Helper will need Internet and FileSystem access, thats why you may asked for Full-Access Permission.
we will not collect any data, or send anything to our Servers.

SwingFish Helper access request

Detailed Change log

SwingFish IntraDay - Intraday Stuff for your cTrader


- faster breakeven line


2.34 (non public beta)
- Average line green/red for buy/sell positions
- remove some conditional code (deviation)
  if deviation is not used, to gain speed and reduce CPU Load

- massive improvement in speed
- temporary remove Deviation calculation

- remove Full access permission (requires Net access only)
- quick bugfix about volume calculation (did always show a green arrow)
- arrow upse tick/buy/sell to decide it's color 

- remove the "left over" vWap data
- breakeven-line for more than one orders
- use arrows instead of just a line to indicate volume direction
- remove "show vWap Value" Setting
- add "Show vWap History" Setting
- add historical filter (still in beta)
- use previous bar to compare neg/pos vWap
- repainting "Dot" changes color based on vWap Change
- add a white dod to mark the "moving/repainting" part of the vWap properly
- remove some lagging dummy entries and echo stuff
- cut vWap on Reset
- fix ssl bug
- swap uses mixed averages (tick & Volume)

- filter zero positions
- hedged size shows correctly
- fix hedge Bug (direction now sow correctly)
- fix some typos (thanks 'Rand al'Thor)
- renamed to SwingFish Intra (2.03.1)

- show 2 digit size if scaled
- fixed single digit size bug