SwingFish Intra [vWap & Intraday Tools]cTrader2.05

vWap for cTrader (Volume Weighted Average Price) for cTrader

more details about vWap @investopia

  • Displays a line (like a Average) on your chart, that shows the vWap price..
  • Standard Diviation based on the vWap Price
  • auto-Resets every day
  • allows additional offset and display of the live-price in a corner

Changelog & Documentation

SwingFish IntraDay - Intraday Stuff for your cTrader


- fix ssl bug
- swap uses mixed averages (tick & Volume)

- filter zero positions
- hedged size shows correctly
- fix hedge Bug (direction now sow correctly)
- fix some typos (thanks 'Rand al'Thor)
- renamed to SwingFish IntraDay (2.03.1)
- show 2 digit size if scaled
- fixed single digit size bug