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This Discord Chat is for Traders, Investors and anyone like to see the action or just have some Fun.
you can be a Complete beginner, or a Seasoned Pro, everyone is welcome here.
the Server was created March 17, 2017, to use for Free, and always will be, there are currently 248 Users Online.

by Joining the chat you agree on the following terms.
  • Non-Profit
    as this Chat is part of the Non-Profit Project "SwingFish"
    all activities & Actions must be towards the Unite goal of providing usable Advice and a working community.
  • Spam
    we do not allow any form of advertising, Money making, or any other form of Spam here!
  • Politics
    You have NO RIGHT of being here!
    This Chat is NOT Democratic, using the Chat is a Privilege, not your Right!
    decisions of our Moderators (@CabinCrew) are FINAL! not subject to appeal or discussion.
  • Cost
    this Chat is Free of monetary charges towards you!
    collaboration is our currency, we expect you to pay by participating, sharing your opinion, and being pro-active towards our goal.
  • Language
    English (slang / inappropriate language may be used sometimes)
  • social graces (manners)
    not really any, just say whatever you have in mind!
    the majority in the chatroom are Traders, and they tend to be quite direct in some things,
    so expect some ranting here and there.
  • keep it professional
    no memes or other nonsense in #tradingroom, #equities, #indicies!
  • Respect
    Basically, you are allowed to say anything you want,
    BUT you are REQUIRED to maintain mutual respect at all times!.
  • Trolls
    you can "talk shit" all day long, but Trolling is not allowed at any time!
    ignoring this rule results in a Kick/Ban without warning!
  • Privacy
    by joining you agree and permit that your Username may or may not show on the Website and/or livestream.
    also, messages/voice sent to the channels #tradingroom and #LiveStreamTalk, can be sometimes seen/heard at the SwingFish Livestream on Youtube or this Website.
    anything written in private messages is of course invisible (even to our Admins)
    messages/voice in any of the other channels can only seen/heard by persons that are in the same channel.

there are 6 Main Groups, that appear in a different colors,
this is to help you on seeing the different horizon's of individual users.

Example one User may suggest a Sell, where another may tend more to Buy the same Symbol,
they both can be Right if they look at different Timeframes.
to avoid this, all users are asked to state the general Timeframes they trade in.

  • Addict or Intraday or DayTraders (trades usually happen within the same session/day)
  • SlowPoke or Swing Traders (trades spanning over days)
  • Investor not really traders, more the Warren Buffet type :)
  • Quants the Algo/EA Traders, taking the more Mathematical approach into trading
  • WallStreet Stock ETF Options and so on
  • Crypto the Crypto Traders
  • Rookie or Beginners in the process of finding the right stuff
  • the users without a color are the ones that won't talk very much (the stalkers)

users with the Tag "CabinCrew" are Moderators and can help you with some Issues.

Bot's are Helpers to keep things as it should be, and provide you with Information

this Bots here are Specifically designed for!
Bots are NOT transferable to other Discord Servers!
Trader Commands
!div 4, 12, 36 , 24, 96, 1050 Realtime Currency Strength
!atr Top 5 Currency Pairs with ATR and Distance to MA
!scalp highest probabilities divergence & momentum
!chart symbol daily Chart of the asset with some additional data
!live Status of current Live Stream(s)
!title set/check Livestream Title
misc Commands
!rules shows community Rules
!roles finds your user Roles
!serverinfo information about this Server
!userinfo @username details about a Member
!enfoidinfo information about the EnFoid Fund
!ping pong
Nonsense (only in #hodl-my-beer)
!insult @username Insults the Member
!pizza gives you a pizza
!penis @username 100% accurate Penis measurement
!help this nonsense

Meet the Machines:

Hermes SwingFish Buerocrat Hermes the SwingFish Bureaucrat
developed by EnFoid, free to use for anyone in the channel.
Hermes does run on the old "Discord-PHP", which been declared dead, that does pose some documentation and development issues,
as a result of that, sooner or later Scruffy, will take over all of the public features.
where Hermes will only focus on internal stuff, such as account balances, and management tasks, lender integrations and so on.

Scruffy the SwingFish Janitor Scruffy the SwingFish Janitor
developed by twentysix26, enhanced & customized by EnFoid
this bot is still in development, and will take over most of the Functions Hermes does right now.
Scruffy makes News announcements in the Voice Channels according to Hermes.

Morbo SwingFish News Cast Morbo the SwingFish News Cast
developed by EnFoid.
Morbo announces interesting stuff from time to time.

other bots that are permitted to be inside this chat but not controlled/owned by SwingFish:
DiscordServers, Nightbot, Pateron