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StreamDeck 4 cTrader

for cTrader > 3.3 App Version 0.41

allows the Elgato Stream Deck to communicate with cTrader.

Placing Buy/Sell orders

Place orders based on Trend-line set via Key Combination.

Take Profit (close orders)

Take Profit based on Trend-line set via Key Combination.

Settings & usage Description

Settings and proeceedures are still constantly changing due to your valuable inputs!

the development state is still in BETA!

please refer to the attached description with the distribuatable,
after the Public release, here will be a better settings decription.

Detailed Change log

StreamDeck Integration for cTrader

allows the Elgato Stream Deck to communicate with cTrader
#This part of the internal Project cTrader-Remote.

    - image button updates
    - better volume management for placing orders
    - Stoploss value as a setting
    - Limit order for oposite side trades

    Creative Common "CC BY" - you are REQUIRED to mention me or swingfish.trade if you re-publish this.

    - Jiri Beloch https://www.poshtrader.com
    - Mario Hennenberger  https://www.swingfish.trade

get Updates:
    - https://swingfish.trade/streamdeck-ctrader

    - close buy/close sell
    - size as a parameter for ScaleInAll
    - hedge all positions (hedgeAll)
    - scale in on all positions (ScaleAll)
    - close all positions (CloseAll)
    - SDK to update a fixed button
    - Change button text to locally confirm the command has been recieved
    - change sockets to UDP in favour of speed
    - use custom made Socket communication