Stop Syncer

for cTrader > 3.2 App Version 2.04

Stop-Syncer is a cTrader algo Helper,
designed to update multiple positions with just one click.
setting TP SL or Dynamic actions for TP or SL, Trailing stop on fixed value or dynamic Average price.

Reset all Orders on the Same Symbol

auto apply SL and TP to ALL Positions on the same Symbol.
Usage details

Settings & usage Description

  • Action Price
    will auto decide to use SL or TP.
    if Buy position & Price is higher than given value = SL
    if Buy position & Price is lower than given value = TP
  • Use AVG
    use Average Price for TP or SL instead of Action price.
  • TSL
    enable Trailing Stop from given price (works with Action Price and with hard-set SL)
  • Stop Loss & Take Profit
    hard set to apply fixed values to all positions.

SwingFish Stop Syncer S2 ettings

Settings allow the location to be set on the Chart

Detailed Change log


(Script version Version 0.14)
SwingFish Stop Syncer

by Mario Hennenberger

this is a small Helper that updates ALL positions on the asset it's running on to have the same stop TP and or Trailing (YSL) Active.

    - re-use Script version
      Switch "Use UI"
    - memorise prices

    Creative Common "CC BY" - you are REQUIRED to mention me or if you re-publish this.

    - Jiri [ ]
    - Mario Hennenberger [ ]

get Updates:

    - readjust margin (bottom left)
    - remove FullAccess Permission request
    - auto placement
    - add version info
    - use average for ActionPrice
      will auto-calculate the Average price and place the Stop or TP there
    - add Remove all Button
      will remove all SL AND TP Sets on all corresponding positions
    - replacement of actions removed (add 2 Apply Buttons one for each action)
    - full UI (remove the need to change values in settings) (Version 2)

    - Action price overrides static numbers
    - move settings to group them better
    - Static settings respect (trail from stop)
    - added "static" TP and SL
      (action price overrides this values for quick changes on positions)
    - fix multiple assets not to be updated
    - Initial version (very crude)