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Currency Data:
  • Positive: JPY, EUR, AUD
  • Negative: NZD, CAD, USD
  • Pair(s) to Watch: USDJPY (Buy), NZDCAD (Sell)
  • Asia Session Events: OPEC Meeting [USD], Credit Card [AUD], Industry Activity [JPY]
  • Bank Holiday: Columbia

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Blog: [in progress] 370 | +1.95% | 2 Setups | SGDJPY | USDJPY

7:55 Selling USDJPY

8:02 that went bad quickly, reversing USDJPY to buy and exit at breakeven .. starting over

08:23 Buy SGDJPY

9:30 we were talking about probabilities in the Voice chat .. and I mentioned the P0 (Pivot) where price "may reverse"
look what happened right after

9:39 reversed all trades on USDJPY and SGDJPY to sell and close right at the bottom

Nikkei where dropping hard out of the blue, likely as a result on some Trade limits the US may impose, I guess just an overreaction


all time information in Singapore Time (GMT+8)