423 | +3.451% | 3 Setups

423 | +3.451% | 3 Setups

October 3, 2018 20:30   SwingFish   Trading Room Journal  

we experiencing some Technical issues (Internet Connection) here, may start the Trading-session later.

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June 14, 2018 08:35   AoFX   Forex Signals  


Buy limit 1.5529 1.5470 1.5417

SL 1.5239

TP1 1.5643 TP2 1.5789 TP3 1.5917 TP4 1.6040

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May 3, 2018 09:37   AoFX   Forex Signals  


Sell limit 1.5997 1.6036

SL 1.6145

TP1 1.5914 TP2 1.5852 TP3 1.5777

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281 | +1.675% | 3 Setups

281 | +1.675% | 3 Setups

March 20, 2018 14:56   SwingFish   Trading Room Journal  

Trading started a bit late today (had a car accident while on school-run).
generally we had a very slow day, and by the end of it, prices where pretty close to some key locations.
this means there will be some pickup in speed later on.

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[TP3 Reached] D1 Sell EURAUD

203 | +1.867% | 2 Setups

203 | +1.867% | 2 Setups

November 29, 2017 10:31   SwingFish   Trading Room Journal  

07:20 starting this Wednesday a little bit late today.
strange thing I was watching the screens about 20 minutes now, and can not find anything “TRADEABLE”, normally I do have immediately a working setup on hand.

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November 27, 2017 07:40   AoFX   Forex Signals  

EURAUD Sell ​​from current price 1.5665

SL 1.5685

TP1 1.5394 TP2 1.5304 TP3 1.5206 TP4 1.5092

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November 22, 2017 13:41   AoFX   Forex Signals  

EURAUD Sell ​​from the current price (more…)

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October 20, 2017 04:03   AoFX   Forex Signals  

EURAUD Buy from current price 1.5034
For enhancement Buy Limit 1.5021 1.5007

SL 1.4935

TP1 1.5082 TP2 1.5128 TP3 1.5176 TP4 1.5239

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174 | +3.68% | 4 Setups

174 | +3.68% | 4 Setups

October 19, 2017 06:23   SwingFish   Trading Room Journal  

Good Morning

05:54 market is still extremely quiet .. so its safer to put on some larger positions (for now)

Divergence data looks interesting Positive: CAD, EUR and Negative: CHFJPY

05:58 quick Scalp Upwards on EURUSD.

06:01 price falls quickly against me .. closing position as its very large size) with a 0.62% Loss

06:04 re-Enter Long EURUSD with the same size

06:09 Momentum is building .. scaling in on EURUSD

06:16 Closing EURUSD Trades (there is still some upside to somethings around 1.805 .. but the position is too large for a pullback, and I not want to hedge this early. closing paid for the initial loss and added a total gain of 1.04%

06:16 close buy GBPUSD gaining 1.63% (Total: 2.67%)

06:49 Buying in EURAUD .. but I will close this once it’s turned green .. getting very Jumpy

07:00 scaling in on the bottom EURAUD

07:04 closing EURAUD on the jump upwards gaining 0.92%

School run time .. stopping Live Stream with a 3.68% Gain



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173 | -1.43% | 4 Setups

173 | -1.43% | 4 Setups

October 18, 2017 14:13   SwingFish   Trading Room Journal  

Good Morning

06:04 market is at a moreless neutral position right now .. any trade open right now are pure speculation .. so we start things “small”

Divergence data looks interesting Positive: CAD, USD, JPY, AUD and Negative: EURCHFGBP

06:05 Completly Speculative Short USDCHF as you can see on H1 .. price is at a point where it could go anyway.
but based on other charts (like EURUSD and USDJPY it looks like it will break out south)

take on smaller size to “probe”

also, the vWap is almost 100% flat. .. but “first come – first serve” 😉

06:28 price retesting the vWap .. scaling in .. but be ready to hedge .. this can very easily go the another way.

06:58 took the position out on Tokyo opening (have to bring my daughter to school anyway) gaining 0.606%

— School Run time (back in a moment) —

07:05 should have waited 5 more minutes .. original TP was hit .. missing out on a 1.5% gain.
well better safe than sorry.

08:43 being a bit aggressive .. buying GBPUSD before vWap .. that may turn out not so good

H1 Chart does look kind of up’ish

08:52 Hedging GBPUSD

09:05 I hate it if I’m right but chicken out. waiting for another reversal

09:20 reversing hedge position with 1.1% loss .. not so sure this was a good idea as the channel top is quite close

10:02 Selling EURAUD targeting the Hourly Trendline. but I may exit at breakeven

10:09 closing GBPUSD trades realizing loss of 0.92%

10:54 EURAUD starts to behave erratic .. probably some momentum in USDollar building up …
will exit once AUDUSD hits the recent trend line.

11:40 AUDUSD broke the cWap downwards (never reached the upper channel .. but, i did not exit as i should have .. EURAUD still on. i start get the feeling this is gonna be a expensive trade .. aiming for Breakeven now .. to get out of this mess .. and re-start on a better price.

12:46 Knowledge turns into hope .. I have not closed the trade yet .. even it does make a vWap reversal to the upside right now

12:50 .. volatility picking up .. making this trade probably even more expensive

13:00 NEWS:

FOMC Member Harker Speech

Patrick T. Harker took office on July 1, 2015,
as the eleventh president and chief executive officer of the Third District Federal Reserve Bank,
at Philadelphia. In 2016, he serves as an alternate voting member of the Federal Open Market Committee.

13:07 exiting EURAUD with much larger loss as planned

13:30 quick Scalp long AUDJPY .. very likely going to 88.30 .. but i will exit now covering parts of the lossses

Total Today: -1.43%

### Stream Stops Here ###

check out what happens right after!
original Target of EURAUD trade was hit just a few Candles after closing the position with a loss.

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168 | +1.33% | 4 Setups

168 | +1.33% | 4 Setups

October 11, 2017 19:15   SwingFish   Trading Room Journal  

05:55 Short EURAUD (Quick Probe Trade in the range)


06:05 looks like that wont work out very well .. i may place a hedge on this early, since i had no more reason to enter as filling the current range. which looks a bit like a bullish flag anyway.

06:19 placed Hedge trade on EURAUD … time to take shower and get some coffee.

06:41 EURAUD trade played out just as planned .. but no Profit for me .. because i hedged it already before go to take the morning shower.

08:11 decided to get rid of the EURAUD hedge on the vWap downwards.
the momentum was large enough to pay for the Hedge .. but I decided to stay in it for a bit longer and generate some green P/L .. that was a bad idea .. as the price went back up quickly …

Lesson to be learned: don’t be greedy!

hedged again .. holding 0.45% Floating P/l on this hedge.

08:23 AUDJPY made a nice vWap touch as well .. so decided to go long on this one.
it went up rather quickly and I could have cleaned the desk with that trade .. but as stated before, greed made me stay …

closed the AUDJPY Long after hedging EURAUD trade with a 0.32% gain.

it looks like its still on the way up .. to my original Target of 87.695, but I am out already .. moving on.

9:52 closing out EURAUD Hedges .. but not let it rise till the trendline because AUDUSD hit the Pivot and pulled back.

11:07 Shorting GBPJPY

after entering noticing that this is actually a terrible Ratio .. but okay we in it now .. let’s make the best out of it.
enabling SwingFishHelper to Protect equity by 0.3% …

12:00 accidentally scaled in instead of hedge .. but GBPJPY Short trade worked out just as planned

P/L right now +0.594%

12:07 Stoping Livestream (have to reboot the Computer)

### i will stop the LiveStream here, I may start another Stream in UK Session ###

14:44 started to play with GBPUSD and went long .. which did not work well.
plus had to pickup Wife and Kid .. so placed a hedge.

19:32 played a little with the hedges, in the end the GBPUSD Long towards vWap paid for the whole show.

Closing the day with a total gain of 1.329%

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