531 | 0% | 1 Setup | USDSGD

in the aftermath of Brexit debates and votes,
Log 531 will cover 2 Trading days!

Currency Data:

  • Pair(s) to Watch: NZDCHF (Buy), USDCHF (Sell)
  • Asia Events: Consumer Confidence [AUD] , FDI [CNH]

09:02 Sell USDSGD

09:13 Singapore Dollar Spiked up for some reason, causing a Hedge on USDSGD

10:24 reverse hedge to buy (5.2 pip target to the upside)

11:02 too much conflicting information, such as Gold is above vwap while AUDUSD hovering just below
and EURUSD doesn’t move at all

the setup likely to play out as planned, but there is just too little space, re-hedging USDSGD while still in profit.

16:11 London has kicked in, prices moved a tiny bit, but we still in the range. (holding Hedge)

17:38 try to reverse hedge on USDSGD to a new low .. didn’t work out so well, however, made about 30% of the loss generated back before hedging again, so its a winner after all 😉

will close all positions once DXY hits the lower support

00:11 re-hedging all positions on USDSGD, ad DXY did hit the support

holding the hedge till tomorrow, there is nothing much left to do today as volatility will soon die.


Total Today: 0%



Trading Day Recap

No recap today. as the day will continue tomorrow.


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