207 | +7.103% | 4 Setups

09:02 starting the day a little bit later today as other businesses need attention as well.

Currency Data now:

  • Positive: NZD, CAD, AUD, 
  • Negative: CHF, USD, GBP
  • Pair(s) to Watch: GBPCAD (Sell)
  • NO Planned News in Asia Session.

09:00 Selling USDJPY

09:03Scaling in USDJPY it feels not really right, as the Nikkei is more going up right now. this may end up in a hedge soon. I may exit this one around 0.

09:12 something does not feel right, change direction on both to Buy realizing a 0.63% Loss

09:40hedging USDJPY again.

out for smokes and milk now ..

09:50 didn’t go for smokes .. instead reversed USDJPY to buy (will go now ):)

11:51 changed the TP to the next minor trendline .. as the Nikkei has trouble in gaining.
the old TP of 112.621 probably still valid (but the risk (distance) is too great now to keep it on)
gaining 1.601%

12:59Buying USDSGD, targeting the trend-top

while at it .. I will remove AUDSGD from the Watchlist. there is almost never a setup around my trading times

13:42 exiting USDSGD early and calling it a day adding 0.234%

### Live Stream ends here ###

14:21 i was calling it a day already .. but while entering trade signals into the signal account, I accidentally placed an order to buy NASDAQ in the TradingRoom account… the order was meant for an account with 55.000$ balance so it was WAY too large for the 1000$ Challenge account. SwingFish Helper Hedged the order in the very same Second to Protect the account.

so here I am with a massive order where the spread was more expensive as all the gains I had made before…
so lets just “trade it” put some trendlines there as a target and let’s get it on.
it quickly broke the vWap so I reversed the Hedge for Short Sell.

17:25Closing all NASDAQ Trades with a whopping 5.898% gain!

since this trade was not part of the TradingRoom activity and far out of Risk levels, we will not add it to the Strategy summary

Total Today: +7.103%


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