509 | +4.264% | 3 Setups | USDJPY | SGDJPY | AUDJPY

AUD gonna have some initial move ..
better prep for other pairs to trade today after

Currency Data:

  • Pair(s) to Watch: GBPCAD (Buy), AUDCHF (Sell)
  • Asia Events: RBA Monetary Policy Statement [AUD], Current Account [JPY]
  • Bank Holidays: China

08:24 Sell AUDJPY

08:27 price shoot up got me hedged, and some large volatility pushed it back down, immediately released the hedge.

08:29 close all AUDJPY trades in profit

09:13 Sell SGDJPY

13:49 Sell USDJPY, small size to keep up with my SGDJPY loser

23:57 close all USDJPY trades in good profit

05:59 Market is closing in 1 Minute. Spread and volume is too thin to sell now, will hold SGDJPY over the weekend

Total Today: +4.264%


it’s almost 6 in the morning, will do the Recap later, sorry

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