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EnFoid was originally founded as a Brand of 0x8 and NC-Systems, to operate in the ASEAN region. With a steady gain on developments in Blockchain systems and other digital digital assets plus infrastructure management of medium and large social media and financial projects.
Over time, several external projects were developed and completed, as well as some internal projects that gained great traction and interest (such as the SwingFish Project). in 2011 Gold House Capital Pte. Ltd. was founded in Singapore for exchange services. and in 2018 we merged all parts together, moving the Headquarters from Germany to Singapore.

About SwingFish

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SwingFish is a non-profit enterprise founded by Mario Hennenberger, early 2016, with the aim of being a shared platform for bringing together people who trade in the markets. All services provided by SwingFish are based on Mario's original non-profit concept. The combination of trader collaboration, knowledge sharing and filtering techniques has produced an exceptional diversification model. Attracting the interest and involvement of a wide variety of both individual traders and trading firms, this has evolved into an unique business model. To maintain its original non-profit nature and avoid conflicts of interest, the business end is 100% managed by EnFoid, while the Non-Profit parts with all the support is still provided privately by Mario Hennenberger.

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