• Are you a hedge fund or money manager?

    SwingFish does NOT give financial advice on how, when and/or what to trade or invest in. However, we do provide a community service where traders can get together to exchange ideas and expand knowledge.

    SwingFish does NOT manage funds on behalf of anyone. We trade funds under our own name only.

    The Risk-free Offering stated on this website is NOT to be considered trading advice, investment recommendations or advisory services for offerings of speculative financial products of any kind whatsoever. Your investment is instead treated as a loan that you are granting to SwingFish, on which we will pay a minimum of 0.175% interest per week.

    As a sign of gratitude for your trust, SwingFish does share additional gains in form of a higher interest rate in event that trading is more profitable some weeks.

    At NO time are any loans, either in part or in full, used for speculative purposes of any kind that may risk negative turns (losses)!

  • Why do rates stated on different pages/sections differ?

    This is indeed a complex topic - let's make things simple first:
    Effective yield: 9.55% (to make comparsion to other products more easy and comply with the law)

    in more detail:
    what you can expect by contract is the Guaranteed gain of 0.175%/per week.
    this resulting in a linear interest rate of 9.5% per Year (p.a.)
    we calculate Compounding rates as well on a weekly basis, which will typically result in a higher payout.

    this sounds not that huge ? right .. but lets extend this range to 3 Years for an example:
    this would result in a linear gain of: 27.3%
    but SwingFish will, By Law and By Contract, grant and pay you a gain of 31.359%
    and this is only what we do guarantee!
    in average the gains are mostly positive, so you will be eligible to the higher rate of up to 0.35%
    based on past performance the average rate is 0.265% which leads to:
    * 1 Year: linear 13.78% .. Gains paid to you in total: 14.75%
    * 2 Year: linear 27.56% .. Gains paid to you in total: 31.68%
    * 3 Year: linear 41.34% .. Gains paid to you in total: 51.11%
    * 5 Year: linear 76.70% .. Gains paid to you in total: 115.09%

    you are however not bound by any terms regarding the time,
    you can take out any portion of the money to each Weekend.
    all contracts can be canceled to the end of each month, withdrawals can be requested before each Weekend.

  • What about the "risk-free" investment?

    the Risk Free Offering is simply a Loan granted by you
    with the Features:
    * guaranteed minimum Interest Rate calculated on a Weekly basis.
    * Profit share (increase of the rate based on weekly performance.
    * no Investment plans! get the Money back (including realtime gain) at any given time.

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To ensure no misunderstandings between traders, yourself and SwingFish, below are the terms you need to read and accept.

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