764 | +0.587% | 3 Setups | DAX GOLD GBPAUD AUDJPY

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++AUD, +EUR, -NZD, –JPY
  • Asia Events: Construction Work Done [AUD]

07:44 Early Sell AUDJPY

08:39 early Exit on AUDJPY

10:22 we were discussing Tradingcentral targets on Livestream, while watching GBPAUD so I decided to trade a few of them on a separate account with RoboForex, but also entered VERY small on the main account.

10:51 Sell GOLD

accidentally sold 1000 oz instead of 10, closing with some profits

12:13 close the rest of the GOLD position in a loss

12:48 taking the loss on GBPAUD

13:43 closing all GOLD trades

18:27 quick scalp on the DAX

18:57 closing DAX

Total Today: +0.587%

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