Business Terms & Conditions


example SwingFish business headerall Business related pages carry a "White Header"
this is so you can easy identify which part of the sites you are on.
once you are on a Business related page, identified by the White header
you agree that services provided on this pages delivered and managed by EnFoid
where the following conditions (additional to the EnFoid Terms) do apply

SwingFish does NOT engage in any Business operation with the primary goal to generate Profits!

SwingFish is Sponsored and supported by EnFoid, all Business Transactions are solely conducted by EnFoid.

contracts signed under the name SwingFish do not imply a Business being conducted, EnFoid will be directly responsible as legal entity.

Business Services offered under the domain SwingFish are considered advertising only.

Financial Functions:
SwingFish does provide opinions of individuals or a group of individuals
- as a peer for a community and a place where individuals can gain knowledge and Motivation from exchange of Opinions and Ideas.
- text, video, audio materials for Educational purposes only.

SwingFish is/does NOT and never will act as:
- Discretionary investment management service (DIMS)
- Independent trustee
- Managed investment scheme
- Market operator
- Bank (Commercial or as Merchant)
- Finance Company
- Insurance Company or Broker
- Securities and/or Futures Management
- Fund Management
- Financial Adviser
- Money or Finance Broker
- Money-Changer
- Trust Fund or Trust Company
- provide Payment Systems or Settlement processing
- Peer-to-peer lending service
- Qualifying financial entity
- Financial Markets Supervisor