vWap for Forex

for cTrader > 2.0 App Version 1.15

SwingFish vWwap Indicator is a Fork of the "SwingFish Intra Indicator Suite" only to display the vWap itself, without all the extra stuff, this is useful if you like to add a extra vWap with a different offset or display Deviation separately.

all future development however will be mainly deployed on the Indicator "SwingFish Intra" which is also Free to Download.

this indicator is currently available in 2 versions (with and without the Deviation calculation, as deviation is based on the vwap itself, it's required to download a large amount of data, which does slow the display down, the no-dev version is about 3 times faster)


vWap more details about vWap @investopia

Deviation Indicator

Standard Deviation calculated based on vWap Pricing

Histogram Cut

to avoid "shrinking" of the charts the histogramm can be cut to the last 20 prices

Settings & usage Description

  • Offset Reset time
    Number of candles the calculation may start
  • Show Deviation Lines
    Shows Upper and Lower Standard Deviation Lines
  • Show vWap History
    turned off will reduce the output to the last 20 vWap Prices only
  • Corner for Infos
    corner to display vWap Price (0 = hide price)
SwingFish vWap Indicator Settings

Detailed Change log


vWap - Standard Deviation for cTrader

We Discontinued this tools future development, only bug fixes and vWap related changes from SwingFish Intra will be ported here.

Please check out "SwingFish Intra". It does include a new version of the vWap.

1.15 fixed corner bug
1.14 added online update check (merged with dev version)
1.13 serval speed improvements
1.11 fix the lag issue that fills the memory
1.10 split versions to dev and NoDev
     downlaoable version will be NoDev

- remove deviation calculation if turned off


- Online Version check (we may not do this at all)

- cut line on reset (like in SwingFish Intra)