Update: move Stop to entry after TP1 Reached


Enter Now (1,03554)
or within the following zone: 1,03448 – 1,02942

Stop = 1,02504

Tp 1: 1,04523 Tp 2: 1,05391 TP 3: 1,06312

Reasoning: Bull divergence + daily wedge + with where it bounced was a 100% fib extension + price is in a weekly zone

Weekly AUD/NZD for further reference

3 responses to “[COMPLETED] D1 Buy AUDNZD”

  1. SwingFish says:

    quick question: what makes you so sure it’s gonna break out ?

    • Techex says:

      Well it is showing bullish divergence and the daily low it bounced at was a 100% fib extention. combined with that it is in a strong weekly zone. the sl is just outsidoutside this weekly zone.Combined with this analysis i have also looked at other nzd/xxx pairs nzdjpy for example shows bearish divergence on the h4 and is respecting a zone aswell.

  2. SwingFish says:

    TP1 Reached, move stop to Entry!

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