Kawase Leverage changes (ESMA)

Update on trading conditions following the ESMA regulations


Following our email regarding the measures announced by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), which initially came into effect on the 1st August 2018, we would like to inform you that these have been renewed for a further 3-month period, effective on 1st November 2018.

Stop Out Level:

The Stop Out level on all accounts will continue to be set to 50%, as per the ESMA requirements, therefore please monitor your margin level closely and maintain it higher than 50% to avoid being negatively affected.

Margin Requirements:

Financial Instruments


Forex Majors 1:30

Forex Minors 1:20

Gold 1:20

Spot Major Indices 1:20

Spot Minor Indices 1:10

Other Spot Metals 1:10

Commodities 1:10

Shares 1:15

Please click here to view the full list of instruments to find out the maximum leverage offered as per the ESMA requirements.

Please note that these measures are temporary and valid for 3 months unless renewed by ESMA.