Philosophy of Success

Signal data Provided as a sample, with Permission by Yaser Alwawi

Did you know that Lion does not succeed in hunting except in a quarter of his attempts, that is, he fails in 75% of his attempts and succeeds in only 25% of them?

Despite this small proportion of which most of the predators participate, it is impossible for Lion to despair of attempts to hunt and hunt.

The main reason for this is not hunger, as some might think, but the assimilation of the animals into the law of “wasted efforts”, the law in which all nature works

  • Half of Fish eggs are eaten.
  • Half of Bears die before puberty
  • The rain of the world is falling in the ocean
  • most of the seeds of trees are eaten by birds

Only human beings reject this natural law And the success is not to have a life biography free of pitfalls and hiccups … but the success is to walk over your mistakes And go beyond every stage where your efforts wasted and look forward to the next stage .. If there was a word summarizing this world will be simply: (continue)