As explained in the video, major turning points occur where theses divergences take place. Some specific pairs of market actually end up working out more than others. As you know, nothing in the market is static, everything moves and the ability to adapt is what makes a skilled trader.

In 2018, DOW JONES + NASDAQ100 is a good reacting pair to look at; it might change later on but until then, many opportunities are currently taking place.
 Basically as labelled on the chart, i look for areas where the 2 prices show a clear divergence (disagreement); in the first scenario, the high formed on the 12th of march on NASDAQ100 after a substantial move up was higher than the one which took place on the 9th of the same month, while the one on DOW JONES was lower. Price then initiated a decline until this current date, where there is ANOTHER divergence. Watch out for another potential shift/turn.
 Your thoughts and opinions about this approach will be highly appreciated.