a ‘close one’ 58% Drawdown then 715$ gain

Starting September 21. GBPAUD startet to massively Rise .. with no pullback at all.Friday there

this caused a 58% Drawdown.

We Turned off AutoTrade, Placed a Short Order at the Peak of 3 Lots and waited it out.

at price then finally falled we experiences a 715$ Equity Raise, closed all trades and continue AutoTrade.

Total Gain as of then: +41.94%

that was a “close one”

the Drawdown caused however a Margin call on the Demo account that is used to Mirror the trades to the cTrader Network
i have not checked this account for a very long time … so i also placed a additionsl short order there to pay for the margin calls, which turned out just fine. here is a extra post about the Mirror-account.