UB-Noise CrashTest finally crashed – Summary

Yesterday the UB-Noise Test on the Russel2000 index (US2000) did finally come to the point where all trades were closed due to Margin-Calls.

This was expected to happen, the mission on this test was not to keep it alive, but to find out how much money it can make until it does happen.

Here is the summary:

  • Runtime 2 Months & 3 Weeks
  • Initial deposit 10.000$
  • Whidrawal after 7 Weeks: 15000$


With the account at 3.39$ now, we made a total profit of 5003.39$ in arround 7 Weeks. Which is 50.03% total gain.

Today we will re-deposit 10.000$ and start the test again for a 2nd round.