UB-Noise Needs some help

Algo/EA/Machines are emotionless and do not anticipate the market behaviour and consider mass psychology,
so from time to time .. human intervention is required.

This mornings move on the British Pound had 2 effects

  • all long positions were cleared with a small profit at once.
  • short positions went into a drawdown

at the moment we are at 1.2% .. which is acceptable.

however, since the day just started, and we do expect some moves on both Australian Dollars and British Pounds today,

i added an additional Short position, set an alert to below 1.72816 and removed all the TP Values from the automatically placed trades.

lets see where this is bringing us.

UB-Noise Crashtest also has a 2% drawdown .. the same action has been taken. (Alert at 1467.94)