mf Crowd Participants update starting Week 51

since there had been a down-spiral for quite some time, now it’s the time to weed out the bad fruits, and add some Volume to the better ones.

new Collection of Systems traded in mfCrowd Strategy starting next Monday:

R2M: increased the volume by 0.6

Turtle: Slow pace, but steady system (made only 11 trades) increased volume by 0.1

Momentum EA (hourly) places almost every hour a trade. a little bit like UBNoise does (minus the MT systems) no change on volume

Falcon stays at the same volume has little impact due to low trade volume.

MFCrowd (both CC and GA) also added to this strategy


Systems Removed:

Ninja, Scorpion, Vine, BSR, Golden, ASTA, J18, Gorilla, Eagles

Bulldozer also removed (it made great returns for years, but now turned bad for a period of over 5 weeks)
will monitor its performance closely and may re-add it at a later time.


starting Monday only 4 Systems will contribute to this account.