System Changes and Upgrades

After weeks of testing and temporarily disabling certain systems, we are pleased to announce that we have successfully moved the services to other servers.

Ensured that the transition was seamless and did not result in any disruption to other systems or services.

Please be informed that the following systems have been permanently disabled:

  • All LCARS Servers/Services.
  • LAMP44 – (Replaced by LAMP149 and SG1)
  • FC Annc – (Replaced with list service on
  • CZ and LD Proprietary Tracking – (covered by AU3)
  • 4 Database cluster instances
  • 16 Currencies removed from Forex pricing API – (free version only)
  • “casual trader” webhosts (redirects permanently to

This decision was made mainly for financial reasons as these systems were found to be redundant and their maintenance cost outweighed the benefits they provided.

In line with this change, the uptimerobot report page have been updated and now show “N/A” instead of “Down” for the permanently disabled systems, as they are no longer in production, and will be removed over time.

However, please note that applications that use static IP addresses may experience some issues.
IP Forwarding will be terminated in March 2023,
If you encounter any issues, please reach out for updated hostnames and IP addresses

In the future, we will be disabling or alter the following services as part of our ongoing efforts to improve and streamline our systems while reducing costs:

  • Forex pricing API (free version only) will be limited to 5 Minute updates on average and 10 Minute updates as standard.
    commercial API access still maintains the 12sec. average and contributes to faster free version updates.
  • Analytics for features.
    forwarding will of course still work till 2025 as promised.
  • LC File Services
    (Disabled on February 9, 2023, seamlessly replaced with
  • SwingFish Discord Nitro features – (March, 2023)
    this will result in lower quality Voice & Video chats and the loss of some branding and discovery features,
    community members and individuals can prevent this by making sure there are “at least 30 Boosts” present.
    21 of those boosts are paid by EnFoid since 2019.
  • shutting down SwingFish Discord Bot Mee (Scruffy & Meeseck17)
  • SwingFish News squawk Service.
    can be obtained at directly at ease for a resonable price now.
  • removal of EnFoid support Widgets from SwingFish Website.
  • SwingFish file hosting moving to Ko-Fi
  • CasualTraders shut down.
  • Traders Cafe Project suspended.

on March 1, 2023 we will in accordance to EnFoid privacy terms,
securely destroy all cloud based snapshoots of the disabled services hosted with third party providers & partners.