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Thursday …

Currency Data:

  • Pair(s) to Watch: NZDUSD (Sell), NZDJPY (Sell)
  • Asia Session Events: Foreign Investment [JPY], Brexit Summit [EUR, GBP], Employment Rates [AUD]

08:30 buy AUDJPY

08:14 well AUDJPY looks like it may change to a short position as the Nikkei still going down after Tokyo opening, its usually undecided for the first 30 minutes after Tokyo, the Divergences, however, point to a Buy

08:30 closing AUDJPY as News push prices in favor of Divergences over the target.

the News results do matter very little at this point,
the divergences between the Australian Dollar and the Japanese Yen did suggest that the initial move on AUDJPY will be upwards.

09:42 sell NZDUSD

10:19 Hedging NZDUSD as it broke Structure, its, however, still in the M15 channel to the downside,
could have been a mistake to hedge right there. but the position size is too large to hold it any longer.

10:46 it broke the m15 channel on NZDUSD as well but there is some resistance not far up (not enough space to get rid of the hedge, have to hold on to it longer)

11:14 looks like we are going to the upside, NZDUSD still Hedged, will not do anything till the resistance is broken as the range is too small to pay for the Hedge.

13:10 – 15:30 went into a hedge fest on NZDUSD .. which caused a massive Drawdown.

16:42 closing all trades on NZDUSD for breakeven (nothing gained/nothing lost, just a gigantic waste of time)

16:44 catching the UDSollar momentum to the downside, by scalping AUDUSD to the nearby Resistance

16:49 close AUDUSD on the resistance as planned

closing up shop now .. bad day .. yes we made money, but not in a good way!

Total Today: +2.848%


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