446 | +2.94% | 3 Setups

Starting today a bit late, but there is still some stuff to catch (i hope) since basically everything is still in decision phase/places

Currency Data:

  • Pair(s) to Watch: NZDJPY (Buy), AUDNZD (Buy)
  • Asia Session Events: RBNZ Interest Rates [NZD], Trade Balance [CNH], Eco Watchers [JPY]

10:11 very late start in the day, buy USDCAD

10:14 buy NZDJPY

10:38 close NZDJPY as the Nikkei hit the vWap (my original target was a but “guessed” so just take it here)

10:51 Buy AUDUSD

10:52 decided this to be a bad idea, Hedged AUDUSD manually with a tiny gap.

10:54 resolve Hedge to the Upside on AUDUSD

11:02 Close USDCAD for a Loss,
it’s not an Asia pair anyway, very little movements to expect, don’t want to hold a possible hedge for hours

11:46 re-Buy NZDJPY

11:55 close AUDUSD as Hedge and USDCAD loss is paid.

premature action, I know, as the setup is still sound, but the Dollar also hit the vWap from above.. a rebound could have caused a pullback

12:05 Close NZDJPY re-buy at the Middle line due to weak Nikkei

Total Today: +2.94%


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