606 | -1.49% | 3 Setups | EURJPY NZDUSD AUDJPY

Starting it slow today

Currency Data:

  • Pair(s) to Watch: USDJPY (Sell), NZDUSD (Buy)
  • Asia Events: Consumer Inflation Expectations [AUD], Home Loans [AUD]

08:06 Buy AUDJPY, there is some Support (ish) on M30, but generally speaking the Yen pairs look alot more bullish than bearish.
well, just small size anyway.

08:36 Buy NZDUSD

09:29 hedged AUDJPY as it brokes the lows after consolidate, will hedge NZDUSD as well shortly

10:49 closing all orders (AUDJPY Hedge and the NZDUSD Buy) realizing a 0.58% loss

12:10 re-Buy AUDJPY

12:23 closing AUDJPY on breakeven, setup is still valid but there is resistance on the M30 chart and news coming up.

12:28 buy EURJPY on the vWap

12:32 price dropped quickly causing immediate hedge on EURJPY. (today is not my day!)

13:16 tried to resolve the hedge, didn’t work and we got another loss, closing today red.

Total Today: -1.49%

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