VideoLog format change

Quick Update on Recording/Streaming schedule.

some private and cooperative issues that need more attention than usual, forcing me to re-schedule the streaming activities.

Keep in mind, SwingFish is Non-Profit, yet money needs to be made in order to pay the bills.

but I won’t just give up; instead, I will temporarily change the format.

this will also have an effect on how the SwingFish YouTube channel presents the content.
many people do not really want to watch a 4-hour live stream anyway, to solve both of those problems, starting with Recording 1270

  • will record all activity just as before
  • uploading it uncut and unedited to YouTube in the Streams Playlist (same as the streams)
  • additionally, I will make a recap video each time providing a summary of what happened.
    which will be posted at a set time to stop the random stream times and get more consistent.

this is just a temporary solution, and maybe we can find a good new way of keeping this up.