1290 | +0.219% | EURUSD USDCAD GBPUSD

Asia Events GDP [JPY]
EU Events Report [EUR-DE]
Holidays India, Israel

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13:28 sell EURUSD on vWap
this looks unlikely to work (feels countertrend)

14:36 sell USDCAD on vwap
i probably should close the EURUSD Sells
moving the stop instead

14:45 close EURUSD Sells

15:02 closing USDCAD on the lows
need to check on things now more seriously as the AC people finally left.

15:07 another scalp on GBPUSD (late entry)

17:34 closing everything as momentum picks up in both directions

19:46 quick vwap scalp on AUDUSD

19:49 failed on Interest rate news,
which may push the USD selling into the drop

20:09 close the short scalps on AUDUSD

20:55 quick scalp on USDCHF
tiny size, not worth mentioning it
just did it for a “i told you so”

21:31 quick scalp on USDCAD
prepping to reverse/hedge if it breaks below

22:16 buy some BTC

22:24 closing everything as the USDCAD loss is paid for
plus I’m just playing around anyway since there is no “proper’ setup

23:12 sell EURUSD on vwap
likely going to fail

0:03 stop out DAX scalp

0:16 breaking even on EURUSD

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