Lower risk this week.

Profit from this!

due to last weeks losing streak,
i will try to play is small until some of the loss is recovered.
also copy-settings set to 50% until then.

10:06 Buy AUDUSD

11:15 quick vwap scalp on GBPUSD

11:29 this doesn’t seem to work,
enable TSL on both positions

11:45 manually close GBPUSD

12:06 moving stop on AUDUSD higher
as this doesn’t seem to work out anyway

15:20 quick DAX scalp, failed

15:24 quick vwap scalp on EURUSD

15:35 closing AUD and EUR Hedges
and move stop on EURUSD higher enable TSL

15:54 chicken out of EURUSD
target was 1.09154

16:05 close AUDUSD early
orifinaal target 0.70226

16:54 EURUSD reached the target, without me …

17:28 Sell USDCAD on vwap

18:34 enable TSL on USDCAD

18:36 close USDCAD

18:51 Sell GBPJPY

19:01 enable TSL on GBPJPY

19:07 stopout GBPJPY

19:45 buy USDCAD

20:51 calling it a day, it’s pure gambeling anyway

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