1544 | +0.107% | GBPJPY

Today’s risk: 0.18%

Profit from this!

13:56 late entry on GBPJPY

16:33 some bullish momentum is building up,
moving stops 24 pips lower

16:44 small scale in on vwap

moment of truth!
(if GBP goes to retest vwap, i’m likely going to get stopped out on the GBPJPY sells)

17:38 barely breakeven, i should close here (the EUR is not going to play ball)
not sure why, there is no scheduled news, it just feels “wrong” (even it looks still valid’ish)

20:19 closing everything, the original target of 180.5 is still in the picture, but GBP is going up strongly, so this may take some time.

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