1590 | -0.092% | AUDUSD EURUSD

Today’s risk: 0.15%

Profit from this!

there is a large number of logs missing, so we will start the year from 1590 even there were far more trading days recorded, no livestream today (this is sort of a dry-test).


9:19 Sell AUDUSD on vwap (large stop)

10:51 that broke far higher than anticipated, scaling in, will close on retest.

good that i making the dry test streaming, somehow my new plugin for position overlays produces some ASCII art

also the website position display on the Tradingroom doesn;t seem to work anymore.

12:15 i may hedge this
i’m pretty certain this is going to drop anoter 19-22 pis
but liquidity is almost non-existent, so this could go bad quickly

12:22 hedging AUDUSD

12:29 closing AUDUSD hedge for a loss

12:53 i should close the AUD sells as well as GBP & EUR just providing a vwap Buy setup.

13:19 fixed website position display, showing realtime positions again on /tradingroom

there is like zero liquidity today, even on USDCAD are gaps

closing everything. still pretty sure AUD will go down.

well at least i got the overlays fixed now.

oh and while we at it, i can’t make thumbnails as Pixelmater keeps crashing.

16:17 quick scalp on EURUSD

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